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Involving Students at Converge 2022—Why?

Putting student voice at the heart of our decision-making enables our young people to actively shape their own school experience, as well as the legacy of education they will leave to those who follow them. As leaders in education, we have the power, influence, and leverage to create the sorts of learning environments in which our students can thrive.
June 8, 2021

Three Lessons I Can’t Unlearn from 2020

As we look forward with hope to a post-COVID world, we can all consider what lessons we don’t want to unlearn from 2020 (and into 2021). We can ask ourselves what the “problemtunities” are in our school communities, how we are helping all within our school communities to flourish with equity, and how we are engaging in self-care so that…
June 1, 2021

Why Is Cardus a Host Organization for Converge 2022?

Think tanks typically work at a three-way intersection of academia, government, and media, with the purpose of providing thought leadership in one of two lanes: government-based or market-based public policy “solutions.” Cardus is unique in that we are situated at a crossing with a fourth spoke: culture. Our work is about more than just credible research, sound policy, and public…
May 25, 2021

Peer-to-Peer Support: The Secret to Recovery and Reentry

In this new rebuilding season, we will need endurance that comes from faith—especially because there is no predictable timeline for a full recovery. Christian schools hold one of the most pivotal positions in society as a witness of the power of learning for healing within a caring community.
May 11, 2021

A Family Reunion We All Need

As individuals, we have a wide range and very diverse experiences as school heads, but we do have a common purpose. Looking at the word “similar” in our definition does not mean “the same,” and our something “in common” is the desire to see God honored and glorified in our schools as we develop disciples and tomorrow’s Christian leaders. That…

Why We Come Together

As CESA and ACSI come together with ten other organizations across the world to bring Converge to life, we hope to witness the multiplication of the outcomes because we are together. Our hope and prayer are that the synergy of this event will allow for us to experience something that we could not experience on our own.

Converge 2022: Leading Courageously, Renewing Hope

Christian community doesn’t happen accidentally, as a by-product of one particular curriculum or because everyone has signed a covenantal statement. It happens intentionally as we look for Jesus to be the answer to the new cultural questions, worlds, and stories that are turning up in our schools.
April 18, 2021