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Embracing Change and Innovating—Together

One of the key themes for Converge 2022 is embracing change. Educators from across the globe will explore the ways in which they might courageously lead their school communities to empower young people, not only to flourish personally, but to be agents of change and hope.
July 27, 2021

Telling the Bigger Story of Christian Education

Christian community doesn’t happen accidentally, as a by-product of one particular curriculum or because everyone has signed a covenantal statement. It happens intentionally as we look for Jesus to be the answer to the new cultural questions, worlds, and stories that are turning up in our schools.
July 13, 2021

Leading in a Fog of Uncertainty: Inclusion and Belonging

The fog of uncertainty and fear surrounds our reaction to many students, especially students with disabilities. And yet, there is solid ground to form the basis of our response to students who may test the boundaries of leadership. The solid ground is found in community, and in the long-term effects of inclusion that may not be immediately apparent.